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Scientists Continue to Study the Aesthetics of Women

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Last year, Cambridge mathematicians poured their brainpower into determining Jessica Alba had the world's sexiest strut. All of their math determined that a 0.7 hip:waist ratio results in the correct proportions to pull off the sexiest swagger. Despite the question of whether there better mathematics to be solved besides determining who has the perfect "Wiggle in her Walk," science pushed forward with studying women anway. This time, researchers unveiled a detailed analysis of leg length to total height ratios in determining attractiveness. Using a sample of silhouettes, observers selected a leg length 5% longer than the average woman. At first glance, the experiment sounds like an excuse for researchers to stare at photos of Kylie Minogue, but they quickly covered their tracks with a biological explanation for the trait's desirability: Shorter leg ratios are a signal of "a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes and higher levels of a body fat called triglyceride, which is linked to the clogging of the arteries, heart disease, strokes and insulin resistance in men."

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