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The CIA has certainly taken to enjoy using it s Twitter account. Most recently, the clandestine agency tweeted about their most read documents of 2014 and highlighted one about their U2 program. Essentially, the CIA took credit for more than half the UFO sightings from the 1950s through the 1960s based on the aircraft’s ability to fly so much higher than anybody thought possible back in the day. Their basis for assuming they were the UFOs was made on correlating UFO reports against their log (previously classified) of U2 flight activity. Of course, the CIA’s revelation only accounts for half the UFOs, the rest are still unknown.

The other record of UFOs resides at the National Archives in Project BLUE BOOK. It used to require an in-person journey to DC in order to conduct any research. Now, the entire compendium of the Air Force’s documentation on UFOs is available to the masses on-line. Of course, my encounters with UFOs are not documented there – clearly the sign of either a government conspiracy or the pending Great Purge via alien overlords.

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