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Mugabe "Victorious" in Zimbabwe

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Several months ago, the election between the incumbent Mugabe and rival Tsvangirai resulted in a requirement for a subsequent run-off because the challenger did not win _enough_ of the votes by Zimbabwen election rules. Since that time, supporters of Tsvangirai have been threatened and killed. Tsvangirai himself has sought sanctuary in the Dutch embassy. As expected, Mugabe's shut out of Tsvangirai's political campaign, execution of his supporters and forced votes by gunpoint resulted in an upswing of votes for the current president. Mugabe announced his victory within hours of the voting booths shutting down. The world should be used to "democratic" elections like this, one of the most notoriously publicized elections within the past decade occurred when Saddam Hussein's won 100% of the votes in Iraq in 2002.

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