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How To Make Moroccan Tea

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On our trip to Morocco in 2007, we visited a variety of places like Fez, Marrakech, Ouarzazate and M'Hamid. While the whole trip was amazing, one fun little piece occurred while we were hanging out in Marrakech with Salah Idim Bouri in the kitchen at Julio's Riad Dar Pangal Kasbah (132 Derb chtouka). He taught us the Moroccan way to make mint tea.

The mint tea itself was pretty simple and was really more just about their procedure than any mystical magic. For starters, Salah indicates the tea is just regular green tea from China flavored with mint sprigs.

After bringing the water to a boil, pour it into a kettle with the tea leaves and swirl it around to clean the leaves. You'll actually perform this rinsing process a total of three times. On the third and final rinse, allow the boiling water to sit for two minutes.

Now pour hot water a fourth time into the tea kettle. Set it on the burner for five minutes to boil and steep. After five minutes have past, remove the kettle. Break the mint sprigs and put them directly into the kettle.

In addition to the mint flavoring, Moroccans load their tea with sugar. Use as much as you want to achieve the desired level of sweetness. Salah used a lot of sugar ... it was good. Do not stir the sugar in the kettle, the preferred mixing method is to use the Moroccan pouring method.

The classic "high pouring" from the kettle you may see Moroccans do isn't entirely for show, it has a purpose. First and foremost, it is their method for mixing the sugar, mint, and tea flavors into the water. Secondly, it creates a high surface-area to volume ratio during the pouring which serves to cool the tea to just the right temperature. Salah recommends at least three good pours.

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