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GPU Password Cracking

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Many of my former OmniNerd brethren remember subverting every password the USMA Goldcoats ever put on the network a decade ago in the era of weak LanMan hashes in order to actually play games on our West Point computers. Overtime, I'm assuming they finally got smart and started using at least NTLMv2 hashes or did whenever Microsoft stopped supporting LanMan by default. Anyway, I digress. Just as tools used to target the easily broken LanMan hashes, the NTLM hashes are falling quickly thanks to cracking tools employing the power of GPUs. Standard video card GPUs can now break 7 character, mixed-case, random-character passwords in as little as 7 hours and increasing to 9 characters extends the break time to still manageable 48 days. It gets even faster if you're willing to spend a few bucks and feed a GPU cluster in the cloud.

In the meantime, a shout out to my ne'er do well classmates and our former endeavors.

cgr			Dutypeople1		USMA.STAFF1
Administrator		Kingme!			2000 Password
Administrator		jbnjbq1			2001 Password
Administrator		Ucstss!			2001 Password
Administrator		dcmicy!			2002 Password
PCAdmin			U2chaxyzpc		2003 Password
pcadmin                 A41&14a!                2004 Password
Administrator           ware@HOUSE?             Thayer Hall CS Labs

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