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Only a few short months ago, Goldman Sachs was the poster child for recovering financial institutions when they posted a $4.7 billion dollar profit in the fourth quarter of 2009. It seemed as if business was booming and big bonuses were back to becoming a way of life. But now they are in the crosshairs for constructing a fraudulent environment whereby they are charged with packaging junk securities, hyping them up and then short selling them in a way to ensure that even if their customers lost, Goldman would win. Short selling isn't always a bad practice, though it has been related to many of the market's ill behaviors. Before, Goldman Sachs was one of the entities supporting the suppression of short selling and claimed it barely used the technique, statements that are coming back to haunt them now in their hearing. The latest hearing before the Senate involved quite the skewering of Goldman's practices, with a descent into less than civilized language and commentary as part of both the accusations and defensive posture.

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