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Generals and Presidents

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Following a very candid story by the Rolling Stone, General McChrystal resigned his post as commander of US forces in Afghanistan. The incident wasn't his first head-butting with the Obama administration, General McChrystal has long been at odds and very outspoken. This recent spat, however, shows the General and his staff's blunt, direct opinion of their civilian leadership - an act specifically prohibited by Article 88 of the UCMJ. Following the story, President Obama directed General McChrystal to make his way to Washington immediately whereupon the general tendered his resignation. He has been replaced by General Petraeus, former commander of all US forces in Iraq, who seems to have inherited a scheduled drawdown plan slated for July 2011.

It's not the first time Presidents have clashed with their top military commanders. Amongst the more famous incidents include MacArthur vs Truman, LeMay vs Kennedy and Westmoreland vs Johnson.

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