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Geek Breeding Creates Autistic Children

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Earlier this year, it was discovered the fear mongering over vaccines as the cause for autism was a complete sham. Fraud or not, the increasing autism rate is still a reality requiring attention. Psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen has a new proposal for the table that essentially the increasing acceptance of geek chic enables a broader scope of scientists and engineers to breed with one another without shame which is more likely to produce a child with autism. His words were not quite as tongue-in-cheek as mine, but the essence was that increasingly intelligent people with hints of autistic traits are pooling their genes resulting in a statistical increase in the likelihood of those genes coming to fruition as genuine autism. There are, of course, challenges to his theory, but other clinical psychologists dealing with child autism do support the notion, "I see deep geeks of all sorts. They don't make great eye contact, all their clothing is from the Intel shop, they don't have a lot of social understanding. I do think that when these geeks marry each other, that's bad news for the offspring."

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