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Ex-Special Forces Decry Obama Administration Leaks

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There have been quite a few anonymous leaks from the present administration - ranging from taking credit for the infamous Stuxnet, the kill lists to details on the bin Laden raid. While all of the actions are egregious disclosures of classified information, the bin Laden raid details particularly raised the ire of the special forces community across the military services. Although the active component has generally simmered in silence, the community's members that have departed service are now speaking up. One former SEAL commented, "If you disclose how we got there, how we took down the building, what we did, how many people were there, that it's going to hinder future operations, and certainly hurt the success of those future operations." And flipping the President's own words about small business owners back at him, "Mr. President, you did not kill Osama bin Laden. America did." The disgruntled veterans, tired of being used to bolster Obama's re-election campaign, put together a 22 minute video to air their concerns publicly.

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