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Egyptian Unrest

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Last week, populist protests erupted in Cairo, Egypt for a regime change. The current Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak has been in power for the past thirty years following the assassination of Sadat. Protesters are cutting off the Internet presumably to disrupt their ability to organize and gain support digitally. Interestingly, the Egyptian media carried stories live from the protests seemingly in opposition to supporting the government. Another interesting development in the protests was the deployment of military forces by Mubarak to settle the people. Rather crush the protesters, the military has seen a split in its support for Mubarak and its agreement with the people - it is expected that an ultimate decision on where the military's allegiance lies will truly determine Mubarak's future.

How will a regime change affect US relations abroad? Time is running a story that describes Mubarak's present government as beneficial for America's interests in the region providing stability for the US and Israel. It's predicted Mubarak's successor will undoubtedly have to take a negative view on American foreign policy in the region in order to build support and credibility from the population.

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