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Corporate Responsibility to Employee vs Customer

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Time has passed since the debacle between China and Google revealed itself. The issues have been played out on forums and news sites around the Internet with the look at security, cyber warfare and the intent behind "do no evil". The most recent turn of events seems to be that Google has decided to defy China and while still remaining (in Hong Kong) has deactivated their censors. Google has more or less put the onus of censoring back into the government's hands and even has a page dedicated to showing what services are blocked; which netizens have dubbed the "Evil Meter." So raises the corporate responsibility question - does a company have a greater responsibility to its employees or to its customer? In this sense that customer being an oppressed populace receiving unfettered views of the world. That is at odds with a pullout that denies them that privilege while putting all the jobs at stake for people involved with its presence.

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