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Clinton's Classified Emails

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It's hard these days to not be aware of the e-mail handling accusations against the former Secretary of State. Claims have gone back and forth about never handling classified information, how does one conduct state business without anything being classified, that multiple email accounts were too difficult, that coincidentally everything about topic A, B, or C was deleted, etc. etc. Of course there are ironic things such as the State Department cable issued by Clinton advising personnel about the security threats of using private, personal email accounts. A fairly decent timeline of the shenanigans was compiled by the Washington Post. The latest development finds there were Top Secret emails on her server after all, to include details of drone use.

This isn't Clinton's first day on the job - everyone that has ever dealt with classified information is aware of the stakes, the procedures, and the ramifications. Pleading ignorance of the matter really doesn't help her case whatsoever.

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