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Clinton Email Fiasco Continues

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The scandal over Hillary Clinton's privately run email server never seems to fade away. Marcel Lehel Lazar, a Romanian hacker going by the handle Guccifer, testified that he easily broke into the server during its operation and further commented he wasn't the only actor present on the target. Guccifer is in US custody after his extradition to stand trial for a number of hacking charges. More recently, one of those other actors revealed itself to be the Russians who are now debating whether or not to release 20,000 of the "missing emails" from their repository. The Kremlin previously released some of these messages shortly after Benghazi to embarrass the United States. It certainly would be embarrassing for a foreign government to provide the missing evidence sought by the Americans considering not a single email from the site's administrator can be located particularly considering its Federal law to not destroy those.

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