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Boosting US Cyber Security?

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I've bitched before about the DoD scraping the barrel to find "cyber savvy" people to fill the ranks. It looks like CYBERCOM is now attempting to increase its size fivefold very rapidly". With WHO? The place already staffs itself with people that preface their meetings by stating, "So I'm just a dumb infantry guy" or "So I'm just a dumb pilot." On the job training is one thing, but OJT from other people that don't know what they're doing is downright shameful.

All right, listen up. I want ten, light netbooks to flank the adversary's network from the west under the cover of a volley of suppressing packets. The big iron mainframes will send full packets, not just with 0's but heavy payloads of 1's at the maximum transmit size in order to pulverize their firewalls and defenses. This will allow the flanking light netbooks to quickly transit the network in order to double-tap the remaining hosts with a flurry of light packets. Any questions? Yes, you, the nerdy looking one in the back.
Sir, WTF are you talking about?!
Son, I've been doing combat operations since before you were born. I know how to win battles in the cyber domain.

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