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Astrology Proven Statistically Meaningless

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Astrology is a technique by which people predict outcomes and find meaning within their lives by making associations and connections to environmental stimuli - most notably astrological positioning. People practice astrology by constructing detailed natal charts to determine the influencing factors at their birth. From these charts, it should be possible to divine predicted connections between all the events that transpire in a person's life. According to a study released by London based researchers, astrology is nothing more than artistic guessing The study began in 1958 to track the lives of 2000 infants born within minutes of each other. If astrology has merit, the scientists postulated, the lives of each infant ought to bear resemblance to one another. Fifty years later, the research concludes the individual's lives are completely unique and not a single prediction could accurately have forecast any outcome. Adding insult to injury, additional testing showed that given a birth chart and the life history of subjects, professional astrologers could not match the two for any of their subjects with any sort of accuracy better than randomly guessing. Despite studies like these having been conducted before, belief in astrology has skyrocketed.

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