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Department of Energy Confessions About Stranger Things

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A year ago, the Department of Energy released a public statement as a response to the hit NetFlix series Stranger Things. There were some inaccuracies to that press release so this time around, just in time for Season Two, the Department of Energy released a new statement with an accompanying podcast.

The big reveal is obviously not that their STEM outreach program is harvesting children for mind-control experimentation or keeping monsters contained in the basements of the various National Labs. Instead, their high energy physicists discuss how the Acrobat and the Flea analogy is in fact a spot on description and how the Department of Energy does research the possibility of multiple dimensions.

Perhaps as a tidbit of irony, one of the Department of Energy's podcast speakers happens to be the DM for a local Dungeons and Dragon campaign ... where he IS actively trying to kill us with a demogorgon.

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