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Air Force Firewalls are Weapons

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The Air Force … has declared the firewall a cyber weapon system. According to Air Force Colonel Pamela Wooley, “Designating something as a weapons system really does help us justify our funding …. It is really pretty exciting for our airmen.” In case you’re still scratching your head, we are talking about the firewall in the context of network security but in this particular instance, the Air Force is referring to a larger system designed to protect the gateways into its military network. Still, it’s hard not to mock the Air Force for this.

Range Safety: “Are we ready on the left? Left is ready. Are we ready on the right? Right is ready. Are we ready in the center? Center is ready. Rotate your selector switch from safe to fire.”
sudo ufw enable
sudo ufw default deny incoming
sudo ufw allow dns
sudo ufw allow www

Holy shit that was fucking intense.

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