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Adobe Voice Conversion

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Pretty much everyone connected to the Internet knows of Photoshop, Adobe's flagship, premier photo-editing tool. The product has shaped digital photo manipulation since its introduction nearly 30 years ago. Now, the company that changed everything for images is about to rock the audio world with VoCo (Voice Conversion).

Voice recognition software is becoming fairly ubiquitous now with Siri, Amazon Echo, and various other implementations. VoCo goes a step beyond and allows editing a voice to create audio streams that were never spoken. The software ingests an audio stream of spoken words and break it down into fundamental phonemes. Editing is as simple as typing what you want to hear and a short rendering later, the desired sound clip exists. During their demo at Adobe Max 2016, the software changed the phrase "... I kissed my dogs and my wife" to "... I kissed Jordan three times."

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