Nessus Scan Report
This report gives details on hosts that were tested and issues that were found. Please follow the recommended steps and procedures to eradicate these threats.

Scan Details
Hosts which were alive and responding during test 1
Number of security holes found 1
Number of security warnings found 1

Host List
Host(s) Possible Issue
base-station.local Security hole(s) found
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Analysis of Host
Address of Host Port/Service Issue regarding Port
base-station.local general/tcp Security notes found
base-station.local unknown (5009/tcp) Security warning(s) found
base-station.local general/udp Security notes found
base-station.local snmp (161/udp) Security hole found

Security Issues and Fixes: base-station.local
Type Port Issue and Fix
Informational general/tcp The remote host is up
Nessus ID : 10180
Informational general/tcp HTTP NIDS evasion functions are enabled.
You may get some false negative results
Nessus ID : 10890
Informational general/tcp resolves as base-station.local.
Nessus ID : 12053
Informational general/tcp The remote host is running Apple Airport 3.84
Nessus ID : 11936
Warning unknown (5009/tcp)
The remote host is an Apple Airport Wireless Access Point which
can be administrated on top of TCP port 5009.

There is a design flaw in the administrative protocol which makes
the clients which connect to this port send the password
in plain text (although slightly obsfuscated).

An attacker who has the ability to sniff the data going to this
device may use this flaw to gain its administrative password and
gain its control. Since the airport base station does not keep any
log, it will be difficult to determine that administrative access
has been stolen.

Solution : Block incoming traffic to this port, and only administer
this base station when connected to it using a cross-over ethernet

Risk factor : Medium
CVE : CAN-2003-0270
BID : 7554
Nessus ID : 11620
Informational general/udp For your information, here is the traceroute to :

Nessus ID : 10287
Vulnerability snmp (161/udp)
SNMP Agent responded as expected with community name: public
CVE : CAN-1999-0517, CAN-1999-0186, CAN-1999-0254, CAN-1999-0516
BID : 10576, 177, 2112, 6825, 7081, 7212, 7317, 9681
Other references : IAVA:2001-B-0001
Nessus ID : 10264
Informational snmp (161/udp) Using SNMP, we could determine that the remote operating system is :
Apple Base Station V3.84 Compatible
Nessus ID : 10800

This file was generated by Nessus, the open-sourced security scanner.